"Sub umbra eunt - they are walking in the shadow"

The installation "Sub umbra eunt" consists of eight plexiglass panels, each of them measures 140 x 80 x 0,6 cm.

On the panels you can find figures scretched with black Acryl color.

Its on display at the Höhler Biennale Gera, June 23ed - October 15th 2017.

"Into the Museum?"

The Installation "Into the Museum?" displays twelve saints and martyr women in lids. The lids contain liquid, a Barbie and the attributes of saints and martyr women. They were omnipresent during middle ages in Christian religion. In the Installation they are preserved with their attributes in lids. To give attention to the saints and martyr woman I consciously choose the Barbie as medium. No other doll polarizes peoples in a similar way. Further I choose a presentation on a steel shelf, which could theoretically stand in a Museum of Natural History. From first glance they would not appear different from the other exhibits in the Museum, highlighting the historical impact to the  saints and martyr woman. However, do they belong in a museum, or are they still playing a role today? Is there space for them in our modern society? Do we need them anymore? Or did we substitute them? These could be some questions resulting  of the Installation "Into the Museum?".